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Consumption ISIS - the Middle East ASPECT of MIDDLE EAST - Medium

Saudi Foreign Affairs in charge of Minister of State [Iran ... Dead ISIS 0 years, the Syrian government and the US government are base is completely eradicated of the Islamic state (ISIS), the entire Syrian territory has announced that it has been recaptured. Image of a conversation to motivate the other Mujahideen we can not be sure now, after all, the leader, offered a reward of 000,000 US dollars. This video is primarily, rather than Islamic terrorist attack is limited to the Middle East and North Africa, it says that it is expanded to the whole world. This movement, is a confirmation of the suicide terrorist attack in the recovery and the Sri Lanka of these dead Mujahideen. Islamic state is far from the master and 0 of the heyday of the territory, mainly by the rapid loss of the occupied territory in a short span of organization of the year, the remaining area of ​​the problem in order to acquire land though, plan of war, way before strength as is, but the affected government is still waiting. Geographical problem In terms of area, further it will be subdivided into One of the aspects of the location and area.
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